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Q - How do you pronounce Kotare?

A - If you say “Kor-Tah-Re” fast, it sounds pretty close to the correct pronunciation.

Q - What is a Kotare?

A - A Kotare is a small greenish-blue kingfisher bird found in New Zealand and was suggested as the name of our new company by Richard Holland.

Q - Where and when can I buy Kotare model kitsets?

- When Kotare model kitsets are released, they will be available to buy from specialist hobby retailers worldwide. They will also be available direct from www.kotare-models.com with shipping from New Zealand charged at cost.

Q - Do I need to assemble Kotare model kitsets?

A - Yes, assembly and paint are required for Kotare model kitsets. Paint and glue are not included.

Q - Are Kotare models suitable for children?

A - Kotare model kitsets contain small and sharp parts and are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Q - Is Kotare related to Wingnut Wings (another New Zealand based model company)?

A – While many of us previously worked for Wingnut Wings until April 2020, Kotare is an all-new company.

Q - Will you make a model of (my favourite subject)?

A - Kotare have a long list of models that we want to make. Model subjects are chosen for a variety of reasons but, most importantly, we will not consider attempting a subject until we are sure we have enough reference material available to do it justice.

Q - How can I help Kotare?

A - Like all modellers, we are always looking for research material to assist us with future projects (or improve/correct previous projects). If you have original photos, plans or drawings you think will assist Kotare in providing you with even better models in the future, please email copies to richard@kotare-models.com or post them to our contact address. We appreciate all the help we get from fellow enthusiasts.

Q - Do you have a privacy policy?

A - You can read our privacy policy here